Frisbee Forever from publisher Kiloo is a lot of fun. Whether you’re a Frisbee aficionado or just getting into the game, it is worth a look into. There are ten unique settings. Each one has ten levels so there are a hundred in all. This feature alone shows just how varied the game can be.

The gamplay is simple; just flick your Frisbee and off it will go. There are obstacle courses to go through, but you can navigate the Frisbee right or left. Watch as your disc flies through corkscrews, loops and other obstructions.

The tile and touch controls work very well and your Frisbee glides smoothly. Keep your momentum by flying through triangular and circular checkpoints; you’ll need them to reach the end. If you get three stars in a level, you’ll earn a star coin. The more coins you earn, the more features you can unlock. Coins can also be used to upgrade your discs or buy new ones.

As you go deep into the game, you’ll have to collect stars along the way. The medals you earn will depend on how many of these stars you collect. The physics isn’t very realistic and it isn’t meant to be. Any sense of realism is happily thrown out of the window in the name of fun. The graphics are colorful, perfect for the game. The sounds are great too.

Basically what you have to do in Frisbee Forever is to strike the checkpoints and keep the disc in the air until the level ends. It is fun, but not without challenges. If you can’t play Frisbee outdoors this is the next best thing.

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