Rail Rush by Miniclip.com is a fast paced, addictive game, and while it may not be the most original game in the market, it is still a lot of fun. Here you can become an explorer who is stuck in a mine cart. Your goal is to guide the cart in the mine, overcoming obstacles and grabbing all the gold chunks that you can get your hands on.

Rail Rush is a lot of fun but it is also challenging as you need to navigate the cart and try to keep yourself from falling over. Fortunately the game controls are very easy to master. You can switch rails by swiping right or left, and if you slide your finger up, you will be able to go over any obstacles blocking your path.

If there are obstacles above you, just slide your finger down and your character will duck. To lean left or right just tilt your phone left or right. Tilting is something you’ll be doing often at Rail Rush as you need to get those precious metals. The gold you collect can be used to buy fortifications for your cart, or buy sticks of dynamite to blow up some obstacles in your way. There are in app purchases in the game, but they are not necessary.

As Rail Rush progresses, it will quickly pick up speed but it won’t leave you feeling like the game is being unfair or impossible to win. It offers just the right amount of challenges and it doesn’t take away any of the fun factor. This is one game you definitely will want to try out.

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