Rayman Adventures from Ubisoft is the third installment in the popular mobile platform game. If you’ve played the first couple of Rayman games, you’re going to like the new features here, and if it’s your first time you’re going to find this an immersive world thanks to the graphics and gameplay.

The first two Rayman games were on-the-rail types, but Adventures gives you more control as you can go back and change directions if you want. To change direction you just need to swipe in the opposing direction of where you are headed, a very handy feature that wasn’t present in the previous installments.

Another new feature is the Incrediballs, small collectible creatures that allow you to unlock more levels, and there are many types of Incrediballs that provide you with various kinds of power. The green Incrediballs give directions to treasure. The blue draw lums, and the red serves as protection and temporary invincibility. These are only optional and you can play without it, but they offer a lot of benefits it makes sense to collect them.

Rayman Adventures also offers lots of smooth animation, and it helps that the controls are easy to get used to. Visually the game looks even better than it did before, and the sound is just as impressive as it was before. The game has IAPs if you want to buy gems, food and other stuff, but these are optional and you can play the whole thing without spending a dollar. For all the changes and additions made however, this is still a Rayman game with lots of fighting and platform action.

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