In Ham on the Run by Glu Games, you goal is to help a pig eat veggies, run and jump on the heads of chickens. The controls of the game are very simple, in fact it doesnít have any instructions when you start it up, as youíll immediately start playing.

The setting is that of a carnival and youíll see the pig simply running and running. If you want the pig to jump while she’s at it just touch the screen, and make sure you hit chickensí heads so you can get the bonuses. If you can hit four chicken heads consecutively, you will be taken into the bonus level where you can get more vegetables. These veggies can be used to get more bonuses and prizes from the prize wheel. But the game isnít just about grabbing veggies, as there are a lot of other side missions that you have to finish in order to move forward.


Ham on the Run has in app purchases but you donít need them to complete the game, as there are plenty of vegetables around. Also, Ham on the Run isnít as easy as it sounds, as there are obstacles around the carnival in the form of rockets, cliffs and all sorts of traps.

This isn’t just a fun game, it also looks great, as the graphics are bright and colorful. Control wise it is very easy. Make some short taps for smaller jumps and tap longer if you want the pig to make bigger jumps. Make no mistake about it; this is an addictive little gem that is definitely a lot of fun.

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