is a popular browser game from Miniclip that not surprisingly, has made its way to mobile. The game is a bit difficult to describe, and the closest would be that it’s an MMO with elements of arcade, retro and fast play thrown in – you’re a cell and your goal is to absorb as many other cells and live for as long as possible. Simple premise, but addictive.

The more cells you absorb the bigger you become and the longer you will live. But you have to avoid getting absorbed by other cells because if that happens it’s game over. What really makes exciting is the other cells in the game are human players, so it’s like a huge MMO with very simple rules: eat or get eaten.

The gameplay is fast and frenetic: you just need to flick onscreen to move the cell, and you have the choice of splitting into two cells, but it’s best to do this when you have taken in several cells. If the action gets too frenetic there are a few places to hide, but be careful because larger cells may be waiting to ambush.

While the premise is simple, does require some strategy to survive, and you can add emblems and phrases for your cells. The other thing that makes so addictive is its fast pace: survive for 5 minutes and you’ll be one of the biggies, and if you die, just last 30 seconds and you will be able to eat other cells again. Any way you look at it, is a lot of fun.

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