NeoOffice is a full featured free office suite. The main applications are the Writer word processor; Base, the database component; Draw, for creating graphics; Impress (presentation) and Calc, for making spreadsheets. Each application is feature packed. Calc has many features comparable to commercial products. You can add formulas and use basic and advanced functions. Some of its more impressive features are the Intelligent Sum Button, Natural Language formulas and Advanced DataPilot technology. Writer has all the features you would expect from full-featured word processors like formatting, bibliographical references and indexing. You can create tables of contents and many more.

Impress includes transitions, drawing tools, animation and other special effects. You also have access to clip art and it has support for popular image formats. NeoOffice supports Mac OS X text highlighting, grammar checking and command-clicking on a window title bar. You can also import images from cameras and scanners. You will also see that menus remain available even if you donít open documents.


Other features include native floating tool windows and support for media browser and Mac OS X services. NeoOffice has increased its font support with each succeeding release. The launch menu allows you to open Writer, Impress or Calc. Writer, Calc and Impress are the main applications, but the Draw and Base applications are also feature rich. Draw allows you to make sketches and diagrams. It has Bezier curves and you can turn objects in three dimensions. Base is a powerful application with an HSQL database engine. When it comes to features, NeoOffice isnít lacking and is very comparable to OpenOffice and Microsoft Office. It is not just free, but power packed.

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