UberSocial for Twitter has been called the Swiss Army Knife of Twitter apps. This nifty little software from Ubermedia, Inc allows you to create a “favorite users” list. You will never miss a tweet from your friends again. For those who get a lot of tweets, this feature will save time scrolling through hundreds of messages.

But the app has many other features. You can mute users or hashtags for a specific period (or permanently). Menus can be customized so only the most used items appear. Facebook users will be glad to know that they can post Tweets there.

Your status on Gchat can be edited too. If you have several social accounts, UberSocial allows you to manage them. The user interface is very easy to understand; the Conversation View lets you see tweets and replies. The Live Preview gives you access to media; images, links, videos are all there.


Shake your device to refresh the screen; plus it comes with some pretty cool themes celebs, films, sports its all there. The default theme is blue raspberry but you can change it easily. The app has an option for auto update timeline during startup. You can scroll the top bar.

With media uploads for Twitter supported, its really a full featured media experience. It has filters for the avatar and pictures you upload. The apps latest version upgrade sped up tweet loading when you are in multi-account view.

UberSocial for Twitter just makes tweeting a lot easier. It has all the basic features you need plus a whole lot more. The latest version allows a user to disconnect from Facebook.

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