Although a bit bizarre when you first listen to it, Synthworks from Narrow Sparrow grows on you over time.

This short compilation is only 4-tracks long but there’s enough things to dissect and check out that makes it highly entertaining. Enveloped in a hazy, spacey sound, the background music are quite random but when the singing starts, it’s easy to see its charm.

Narrow Sparrow comes from Chicago and is made up of Ricky, Dina and Matt.

If you’re a big electro pop lover then Narrow Sparrow would be comfortable on your playlist. Synthworks is their first compilation and it’s bringing in a sense of adventure and goofiness to the already eclectic genre.

Containing 4-tracks, the EP begins with Joe Meeks Dream. If you look at their cover album, the song is a lot like that. It’s a world where fantastical creatures come to life while various instruments pop up in the background. The vocals are melodic and recorded in a hazy, analog style which adds to the interest.

Spookyhead, follows closely and takes a more mellow approach. Described by one reviewer as similar to a track played in a 1950s school dance, the song is quite appealing in a retro kind of way. The melodic rhythm and harmonizing vocals add to its subtle and beautiful touch. Completing the mini-psychedelic EP is Glow and Moon Temple.

Overall, Synthworks is a great escape if you feel like giving your mind some freedom to get lost in an electro pop dreamworld. Even though the EP is quite short, it’s quite a treat for bizarre electro enthusiasts everywhere. Take a listen and grab the download if you like it.

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