Derek Clegg is no stranger here in Frostclick. Three of his previous releases, namely the cathartic, KJC; the mesmerizing Here Comes Your Fate, Quick Duck and the enthralling, Beautiful World; have been featured here in our blog. This time, Clegg is back and he’s got another album in tow.

Similar to his previous releases, It Seems As Though, flutters between indie folk, pop, acoustic country and even a hint of electronica. It’s a beautiful mix of songs that reflect the artists’ signature style and taste. It’s hard to pigeonhole Clegg as an artist that’s strictly limited to creating indie folk because he manages to add enough little touches to create a unique sound. Each song from the album resonate with a beautiful, heartfelt emotion that listeners will certainly enjoy.

Enveloped in electronic samples and coupled with Clegg’s endearing vocals, It Seems As Though opens up strong with Sante Fe. The song is a mid-tempo track that showcases the singer’s penchant for experimentation and mixing things up. On the other hand, tracks like Turn Off This Light, Regrets, and Airport, reflect the quiet indie folk that the artist is best known for. The songs conjure up emotion and ideal for relaxing and reflecting. My personal pick out of the compilation is Last Summer, featuring Andre Graf. It’s one of those songs that easily stay stuck and the next thing you know, you’re gently tapping your feet to the nice, catchy beat.

Even though he’s been a musician for a long time and has released countless albums under a Creative Commons license, Clegg remains an independent artist. He admits to the satisfaction and sometimes frustration of being one but currently, he’s happy with where he is.

Apart from offering most of his records for free, you can also show your support by purchasing digital copies of his albums on iTunes. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth and so much more.

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