Curious Absurdities or CA for short, is a new label that caters to different genres of electronic music.

Collating great tracks from various artists, the label assures listeners of bringing only some of the best electro-ambient cuts around.

The album is a massive one, offering 29 tracks that range from chillout, ambient as well as electronic dance pop. Itís coming from some of the best new artists these genres have to offer.

With so many tracks contained in the compilation, itís a bit hard to sift through it and find all the really good ones. Luckily though, each track serves as a puzzle piece and completes the big picture, that is the album, together.

Thanks to this, thereís no worry of having to skip out on tracks. Each one flows smoothly onto the next and despite different genres on occasion, they still coalesce beautifully to create a smooth transition.

If you still want a taste of the record, you can check out the following tracks first: Phreddy M. Feat. Ener Y Deci – Colinas, which is a spacey, downtempo cut showcasing mesmerizing female vocals. Another one to check out is Colours from Safe in Houses. Autumn Leaves from Yndima as well as Travel into the Light by Celestial Souls, also make good company for your laid-back evening.

Overall, the compilation is perfect if you need to put on something relaxing but wonít lull you into sleep. The best part is that itís all offered for free download. Check it out and enjoy!

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