A remnant from the bygone era of 90s alternative pop rock, Diamond Youth would’ve have stood comfortably alongside bands like Jimmy Eat World.

Don’t Lose Your Cool rolls in with a bunch of catchy indie alternative tracks that resemble an awesome college radio playlist.

You’d never guess it from their current sound but the members of the Baltimore crew came from hardcore bands, Trapped Under Ice and Down To Nothing. They’re currently making waves with their brand of quieter yet catchy sound with this compilation.

According to their little bio, the group is a band born from “extensive video chatting and garage band recordings, Diamond Youth was born in bedrooms scattered across Baltimore, Chicago, and Richmond.”

Certainly all that video chatting paid off since it has produced an extremely catchy record that not only flourishes with nostalgia but awesome energy as well.

Starting with the super catchy, Sunburn; the band leaves hardly any trace of their hardcore backgrounds. Creating sweet melodies, punchy guitar rhythms and just the right touch of pop rock; the song is easily likable. It’s in fact, one of the best tracks the album carries.

There’s a healthy mix of upbeat and quiet tracks on here. For instance, Fix of Mine, keeps up the pace of the opening track while, Fly Solo, cruises midtempo. The cut also features great melodic vocal work. On the other hand, Pleasantries, conjures up images of a band playing at a high school prom. It stays true to its rock charm but expands to accommodate saccharine harmonies, lovely guitar solos and a slight early Weezer sound in parts.

Overall, Diamond Youth should be on your list if you like 90s alternative pop rock. Don’t Lose Your Cool churns out one solid track after another. Personally, I enjoyed it and there’s no reason you can’t. Give it a listen and grab the download.

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