A lot of mobile games are growing in complexity, but there are still some titles that suit the casual gamer, like Magic River from Ketchapp. And similarly to their other games this is built on a simple but addictive premise: you’re on a boat and have to navigate your way across a river for as long as possible.

Once the game starts your character (a fox) will be on the boat and navigating through the river. Tap the screen to move and steer clear of tree branches, rocks and other obstacles around you, and the farther you get the more you will run into like man eating crocodiles. If you go through one of those crocs your energy bar will be depleted and colliding with a boulder will kill you instantly.

Your goal is to make it across the end and complete the level, but as you do that it’s a good idea to collect the gems and other goodies in the river too. The more gems you collect the higher your score is, and you’ll be able to unlock characters and levels. The graphics look great and movement is smooth with no dropping of the frame rates at any point.

The one thing you have to keep in mind is the Magic River is a fast paced game, even during the early levels you’re going to have to be sharp and alert. That being said, this is still a fun ride and something anyone can pick up right away with no trouble.

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