Emmy Curl

Emmy Curl: Cherry Luna

One of our favorite artists, Emmy Curl, takes a fresh new approach to her impeccable music. It is always a pleasure to listen to someone who is not afraid of change, and Cherry Luna perfectly embodies the artist’s hunger to continually redesign her brand. This eight-track collection introduces an edgier, sharper Emmy Curl who dances in the middle of pulsing beats and eccentric instrumentation.

Emmy Curl: EP Ether

Here is yet another outstanding album from Emmy Curl. Ether is the young artistís 2009 EP before Origins which was also featured in FrostClick. The album offers the best of the artistís first songs, all recorded and mixed by Curl. Get ready for some lucid dreaming and sonic pleasure as Ether features nine tracks of acoustic dream pop.

Emmy Curl: Origins

Emmy Curl's latest EP, Origins, yearns to find a sense of wonder in the world. The Portugal-born musician grew up with a lot of interest in arts such as music, painting, theater, and photography. In the early age of 15, Curl had already produced songs in her father's studio.