Glass Kite‘s self-titled debut album rebels in it’s own alternative rock genre as it surprises the eager listeners with electronic, cinematic, and experimental musings.

Based in Vancouver, B.C., Glass Kites is a five-piece progressive rock band composed of Leon Feldman (vox/guitar/electronics), Nate Drobner (bass/keyboards), Curt Henderson (guitar), Daryn Cassie (keyboards/electronics), and Duncan Truter (drums).

The beat drops in Terra, a hefty progressive dream piece with layers over layers of guitars and keys. The band’s unique brand of atmospheric music is encapsulated in this opening piece.

The Body follows up with an explosion of experimental sounds slowly building into a crescendo of rapid beats and playful keyboard arrangement. Leon Feldman’s voice is pleasurable to listen to, it is amazing how it blends well with the melody and does not overpower the whole track.

In Soothsayer, the band offers another approach in post rock as ambient vocals is mixed with playful strings and electronic tunes. The track has a catchy beat that wraps the piece with a certain kind of positive, dance-inducing energy.

Slowly (Home) ends the collection with a slow, sexy tune. Once again, Feldman’s vocals gives justice to the whole ambient arrangement. Press play, close your eyes, and let this soothing track conclude this pleasurable listening experience.

With this debut album, Glass Kites has marked their spot on the game and will surely attract steady followers. Their music reminds you that with creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, a genre can continually grow.

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