There’s a new kid in the indie block and it seems that they’re ready to shine. Bad Bad Hats first EP It Hurts will surely attract a lot of indie following.

Hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota, Bad Bad Hats is comprised of the songwriting duo Chris Hoge (vocals/guitars/bass/drums) and Kerry Alexander (lead vocals/guitar). Their music may be described as upbeat folk music with a touch of vintage sweetness.

Title track It Hurts opens the album with saccharine female vocals blended in rhythmic beats and consistent guitar strumming reminiscent of Camera Obscura. A charming brass play-up at the mid-end is a pleasant surprise to the ears.

Super America follows up with a more pop vibe. Kerry’s vocals is dangerously infectious as it flutters effortlessly in every note. Secrets Are No Fun follows the same sonic mold with the previous track. Grab a book, sip some cool drinks, and let this highly addictive piece serenade you.


Closing up the album is A Bout, a stripped down track that mostly invests on gentle strings and Kerry’s stunning vocals. The subtle softness of this track makes it the perfect end to the collection as it sums up all the good qualities of the band—arrangement, taste, and vocals.

It Hurts is a solid introduction to what Bad Bad Hats can offer. This band will surely go a long way.

Track List:
1. It Hurts
2. Super America
3. Secrets Are No Fun
4. 9AM
5. A Bout

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