The zombie survival horror genre is crowded, but Dead on Arrival is still worthy of a look, combining elements of classic survival horror with good old fashioned arcade style shooting. This combo doesnít always work but N3V Games has managed to pull it off here.

Dead on Arrival takes place in a hospital with hordes of the undead coming in from everywhere just like any other survival horror game. However, here you can make money by shooting down the zombies and use it to buy more ammo and guns. If you are able to fend off the undead, you will earn Z-bucks that you can use to unlock more weapons.

But the game is not all about shooting down zombies, as you also need to use strategies like barricading doors, try to access secret rooms and depending on the situation, fight on or make a strategic retreat. The fact that you can explore many rooms adds another dimension to this game.

That being said, the emphasis on Dead on Arrival is still to kill the undead, and itís a lot of fun gunning them down while you earn money. Gamers will also like the variety of weapons here including the really cool rail gun and freeze ray.

Unlike games that require you to make an IAP to get the new weapons, Dead on Arrival lets you get your hands on these by simply exploring the many boxes scattered about the hospital.

Dead on Arrival is a solid survival horror game, with just the right amount of shooting and exploration to keep things fresh and enjoyable.

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