Teleport is a system utility that when installed, allows you to control your Mac computers with your mouse and keyboard. Created by Abysoft, this can be a very useful utility if you have several Macs and need to perform certain management tasks.

With Teleport, controlling multiple Mac computers is very easy. When you reach the edge of your computer screen, the mouse you are using ends up being “teleported” to your other Mac. In addition, you can sync the pasteboard between your Macs, and if you go to the Preferences Pane you will be able to set up and choose which hosts you want to handle. You can also use it to graphically arrange the monitors, and once that is done you are ready to go.


Anytime you want to control your other Mac, just reach out to the edge of your screen where the slave host is linked to, and that’s it; you are now controlling it. Aside from the mouse, you can also use your keyboard to control the other computer.

At the master computer, you will see a notification that indicates the placement of your cursor. If you want to resume control of your master computer, simply drag your mouse back to where it once was. In short, Teleport is a very easy program to use.

This isn’t a utility that you will use every day, but it is nice to have one like this around. It is very easy to use and setting up is a breeze as well, so if you have several Macs, this is a handy tool keep around.

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