Banshee is a free media player, and it is widely used in Linux for good reasons. Developed by Aaron Bockover, Alexander Kojevnikov, Bertrand Lorentz, and Gabriel Burt, it is capable of playing all popular audio and video formats, and it can search your media player, automatically sort files and do so much more.


Banshee can also play podcasts and audio books, automatically make playlists and set your favorite tracks on queue. Learning the program’s features is quite easy since the interface is very simple. The left sidebar holds the browsing options like online media, videos, library, now playing and so on. One of the panes displays your music library by artists and next to it are the albums from the artist, and you will also see a list of tracks from that album in your collection.

Banshee is very easy to use, and it automatically makes playlists based on the songs you play (and you can add to those too) as well as unheard (songs you haven’t played yet), recently played and recently added.

While Banshee has a lot of features, it is very customizable. There are for example, numerous presets but you can easily make adjustments and if you are not connected to the Internet, you can shut down those features that require the web at the Preferences menu.

At the left sidebar is the Videos tab and every video in your library is kept here, and there are two auto playlists there, Unwatched and Favorites. Banshee uses standard playback controls for video and music, so you won’t have any problems learning how to play them.

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