There are hoards of 3rd party music players available for every smartphone out there, but how many really hold their ground once installed? If your answer looks more like “very few” than make sure to try TuneWiki, an app with great potential and oodles of productivity under-the-hood that might just change your mind.

Created by TuneWiki themselves, the app oozes out quality and screams perfection. It works like a charm on all devices so it comes with no surprise that the download numbers has skyrocketed to a whooping 48k+ on Google Play till date.

TuneWiki is a killer of a music application. It is a freeware available on multiple platforms that makes music more social than ever before. The service has a great Lyrics engine, social integration, and is more culturally aware than many of the people that use it, thanks to the popular music map feature. There are countless features for this application, not to mention, it is also a great full fledged music player.

The app has much more to offer than the standard 3rd-party music players. TuneWiki requires users to log-in before even being able to use the music player, which is a bit annoying and a drawback of the app at first. Luckily this service does come with Facebook and Twitter integration for those wanting to log in via their social media account rather than creating a new one from scratch.

The use of the app is great and works in a very fluid manner. It pulls all the songs and information about the music from your device without breaking a sweat. On the visual front, the app is far behind the competition. The lack of landscape support is a major visual disadvantage, but the developing team say they are working hard to fix that in the upcoming updates.

The app does share the Wiki advantage through providing a plethora of information by simply pulling it of the content and displaying it up on the user’s screen. You can translate the lyrics of the song in 40+ languages, there is a free unlimited SongID with synced lyrics, ability to explore Song Maps and real-time Top Charts to discover popular songs nearby as well as around the world. You can also create, manage, and edit your own playlists.

Overall, WikiTune really uses the information part well and provides the user with an experience that is unmatched by any other 3rd-party music app. Moreover, its music player is simple with far more features than even the best social network’s application. All in all, it has countless features to make listening to music much more interactive, personal and social.

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