If you need some cheerful music where you can sing along and simply be happy, take a listen to The Oh Hellos. Siblings, Tyler and Maggie Heath along with some friends, join together to create this remarkable indie folk, alternative concept album of sorts.

According to the duo, the record is meant to be listened to straight; all of it in one sitting and enjoyed entirely. Through the Deep, Dark Valley is an 11-track album sprinkled with sweet and happy indie folk sounds.

Although there are plenty of themes and subjects explored in the lyrics, most of it centers around faith and overcoming ones mistakes. Filled with charming tracks, it’s an album that cleanses and refreshes.

Opening track, The Valley, is an uptempo single that sounds as if it’s welcoming you into its open arms. Featuring vocal chorales, upbeat guitar strumming and an overall joyful atmosphere; this is one track worth noting. Following closely is Like the Dawn which is a melodic track with guitar plucking and lovely, sweet vocals by Maggie. It’s a stirring cut that conjures up images of campfire melodies with friends and family.

In Memoriam, The Lament of Eustace Scrubb and Wishing Well are among the quieter tracks on the record. Each one is reflective and carries a bit of melancholia in it. Meanwhile, When I Was Young and The Truth is a Cave, are both more jovial while carrying a nice message in them.

The Oh Hellos might be new to this but they certainly know how to capture the listener’s attention. Delivering catchy tracks with poetic lyrics, this is a celebratory record that’s filled with hope and happiness. The quieter cuts are calming and helps to create a nice pace for the record. If you love The Lumineers, Sufjan Stevens and the likes give Through the Deep, Dark Valley a listen. You will definitely enjoy!

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