Money Manager Ex is a free open source personal finance software. Developed by Codelathe, it provides you with a simple means for keeping track of your expenditures and monitoring your income. While the program has a lot of features, it does a nice job of keeping the interface clean.

The interface is really the highlight here, as it lets you easily oversee your reports and accounts. The set up makes it easy to enter data, and you don’t need to spend a lot of time doing it either. For those who are familiar with personal finance, running the software won’t be a problem. But even if you are not, the help files will get you started quickly.


Apart from the standard features, Money Manager Ex also has options for planning ahead and creating accounts for your investments, expenses and savings. Also the program allows you to highlight specific aspects of your finances quickly. Another nice feature in Money Manage Ex is the amount of control you are provided, with every check you write and debit / credit card purchase you make recordable.

Other features include graphs, cash flow, forecasting, one click reporting and budgeting. In addition, there is AES encryption support, printing and you can export files as CSV or HTML.

You can also generate reports in Money Manager Ex, and you can use pie charts to see money that is outgoing and coming in. Although the program may seem to have a bit too many features for some, it offers you an excellent way to take stock of your finances.

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