Stripmall Architecture is a band that has one interesting name. To match the interest, the group creates equally intriguing music that offers a bit of an escape. Their blend of electronica and dream pop is beautiful and easily conjures up a sweet atmosphere.

The crew is based in California and have been together since 2008. They are mainly made up of husband and wife duo, Rebecca and Ryan Coseboom. These two have collaborated with plenty of up-and-coming as well as established musicians to create their brand of music.

Hollow Hello was done a few years back but it hasn’t lost its luster. It’s a fun and upbeat record that deserves a full listen.¬†

Back with a sexy four-track compilation, Stripmall Architecture continues to impress with this latest record. This one’s a bit short but it carries the same penchant for bouncy energy and sweet, sexy vocals from the band.

Hollow Hello opens with the midtempo, modern disco track, Lauren, I Said. Rebecca’s voice dominates the mood of the track, lending a beautiful sexiness to the cut. Meanwhile, the beat brings to mind a modern disco/club era lurking somewhere in underground New York.

Daylight Machine, meanwhile, still echoes that 80s disco music vibe coupled by careful synths and beats. Vocal work flows nicely against the rhythm and serves as a complement to the piece instead of dominating it. Ownsome, employs the same twinkly sounds with a bit of a rock edge.

Final track, Peacock, caps off the record in a slow, sexy set. Once again, Rebecca’s mesmerizing vocals take center stage while surrounded by moody, trip hop beats. It’s a sensual track worth checking out.

Hollow Hello is available as a free  download over at BandCamp.

Track List:
1. Lauren, I Said 03:06
2. Daylight Machine 04:13
3. Ownsome 04:23
4. Peacock 04:30

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