The Eclectic is a Dublin five piece crew that create music with an alt rock infused electronica sound. Their Breathe EP, has garnered comparison to top Brit band, Muse. Even though the group isn’t exactly thrilled with this comparison, there’s no denying that they do sound like the Matt Bellamy-led group.¬†From the voice to the synth rock sound, it’s hard not to compare.

Their sound is a beautiful mix of laid back cuts to menacing synth alternative.

One thing for sure, whether they really sound like Muse or not; this five track EP is worth checking out.

This short compilation opens up with heavy breathing on the first track,¬†The Man Who Thought He Looked Like Himself But Didn’t, while progressing into a sort of dancy electronic beat. The sultry vocals and the electronic vibe adds personality to the cut. If I had to pick a track that showcases their similarity with Muse, then this would be it.

It’s followed by a personal favorite off the EP, Scream. This one has a haunting feel to it without really going full into the dark side. Again, the vocals are lovable as the track slowly heads to rockish alternative route mid-way. Meanwhile, The Lobotomist, has a dreamy quality to it, thanks to the deep synths revolving around the cut.

Out of all the tracks, Potholes has to be the most reflective and melancholic. It exudes a deep atmosphere especially once the guitars start playing. Finally, the compilation is capped off by the sweeping cut, Lucky Landing. Maybe it’s the title, but this one makes me think of astronauts maneuvering their bulky gear in space.

Overall, the album is definitely a worthy listen. It’s not just for fans of alternative rock but even electronica/synth fanboys will adore this as well.

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