Despite something of a slow start, Race to Victory Mountain by Alkali Fly builds into an extensive, gripping album, bridging a huge multiplicity of influences and stringing them together within a lucid framework. Released on April 2013, Alkali Fly epitomizes the new wave of demonstrative music.

Soft synths and smooth voice dominates Door of the Cellar. There are some affecting melancholic soundscapes tempered slightly by touching lulls.

Capture Flexure is a demonstration that Alkali Fly is another example of an artist who has figured out how to best complement vocals with their music. Everything in this song feels connected and complete. From the way the lyrics are sung and the way the instruments are played. The voice gets more intense as the singer reaches for the high notes, which in return makes the song heartfelt.

The last song from this EP, Spires, focuses on calm singing and playing—a vision of apprehension and compassion amid unease.

Evidently, the diminution in volume and measure has lead to this whimsical EP–a satisfactory, skilled, and expressive album that ranks among the artist’s very best. The album gets more solid with every listen.

If you find yourself eager for more after hearing the first two tracks, then you should go ahead and download this album.

Track List:
1. A Marksman
2. Ban The Chords Discourteous
3. Capt. Crimson
4. Minutia
5. Gun Metal Grey
6. Meet Me In Sherbrooke
7. Peppermint
8. Door Of The Cellar
9. Capture Flexure
10. Aura Autumnal
11. Spires

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