Enjoy a classical read with This Side of Paradise, an enjoyable novel who established F. Scott Fitzgerald as the golden boy of Jazz Age.

Written when he was only twenty three, this is a semiautobiographical tale of Amory Blaine, a handsome and optimistic Princeton University student who slowly undergoes an adolescent indirection. This was portrayed by his sudden disillusionment, his war experience, and his failed relationship with a New York debutante who then breaks his heart for a wealthier man.

Upon reading, what’s interesting with this novel is how the writer created a realistic portrayal of the story, devoid from the usual Victorian coming-of-age resolutions. Also, Fitzgerald’s manner of writing and language never fails to capture the readers while offering a portrait of the “Lost Generation”.

Overall, this might be Fitzgerald’s most personal novel as he draws most of its major plot elements from his life. It’s quite relatable especially on how we grew up thinking that we are everything, only to find that we are not what we think we are and life is just one complete puzzle that nobody has figured out yet.

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