Compiling some of the best rock and indie rock acts around, Limited Fanfare Records is a hub for artists looking to build themselves up through their music and talent. Fostering a process of cultivation instead of instant success, the Florida based record company has been delivering great musicians who are masters of their craft.

This Spring Summer Sampler 2013 is a collection of tracks from talented bands and musicians from the label. This 14-track record highlights local greats, showcasing alternative, rock, and post rock specialties. It’s a stirring piece that will surely generate a few personal favorites.

The fun of listening to samplers is that you are bound to find music or a song (at least) to fall in love with. For this record, Astronautalis & RickolusThe Rainmakers gorgeously sets the pace of the summer/spring compilation. It is a lazy, haunting indie acoustic folk number with dreary yet heartfelt vocals. The mood is somber and occasionally veers on the reflective.

Meanwhile, injecting a bit of 50s summer touch to the sampler is a track from Denney and the Jets called Fun Girls. You can almost picture that 50s diner setting when you listen to this song. It is simple yet utterly catchy, definitely worth the checkout as well.

A few other tracks worth noting include ones from Stallone (Beyond); North&South (Through the Wormhole); as well as the final single from openers, Astronautalis & Rickolus (Fallen.)

Perfectly capturing the mystery and youthful glow of summer and spring, the sampler is a great helping of what the label has to offer. These might not be big name musicians but one listen to their tracks and you can tell they have the passion and soul to back up their sound. Grab the download and enjoy!

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