Creating and sharing personal thoughts and ideas through rap and hip hop isn’t anything new, but there are those that do it in a more positive light than others.

Shawn Kristopher Savage, aka, Realysm is one of those few rappers who stand proud with this sound.

Signed on to Ego Free Productions, from a Frostclick featured artist John Graham; The Art of SirRealysm is an interesting record that beams with all of the classic hip hop touches along with new flair from this Philly artist.

Described as an album that is “laced with mind numbing lyricism, hard hitting production and melodies;” the record definitely provides a lot of reasons for you to like it.

Realysm tackles a variety of issues in his songs, most of which reflects his personal experiences in life. Kickstarting things is M.A.A.N or Much Ado About Nothing; in typical hip hop fashion the song combines head-throbbing beats with the artist showing off talent in his rhyming skills.

Other cuts worth noting include Crossroads which features, John Graham. Exuding a lovely and smooth disco R&B mood, it’s one made for the dancefloor. There’s also closing single, Victory Song, which is an encouraging single with epic lyrics and uptempo beats.

In between a few tracks you will also find several mini snippets of people talking and sort of interviewing each other. It’s a nice little break and provides insights about how the tracks came about. There are moments, however, when you wish you could simply get back to the great music sooner.

Nevertheless, it’s a minor thing. The important part is that the songs are pretty good. It’s an EP that reflects the artists’ viewpoint; his ideas, his thoughts and his feelings pouring into the groove of his tracks. If you’ve got nothing to do and want some easy-listening hip hop, you should check this one out.

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