Presidente is one the best jewels I have found on the ocean that is Internet. Heberto Añez Nova, a mysterious guy from Venezuela, gives us this incredible LP that knows no musical limit. A great album can move through the years and still give you the feeling that it was written yesterday – exactly the case with this record.

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“Banco Insular” is a melancholy driven record that drives you to the deepest parts of your soul with no mercy. Its the kind of an album that makes you re-think your decisions and feelings, a truly great piece of art that is so difficult to find these days. It has songs filled with pop melodies mixed with a lot of keyboards, beats and sounds that remind me of Gustavo Cerati in “Bocanada”.

One of the most notorious things about this record is the warm and peaceful feelings it gives you when you hear it for the first time – it also draws a “blue aura” around my headphones, I can really hear the colors in this release. The lyrics are one of the strongest things about Presidente, it is pure latin poetry and you can really see the influence of such greats as Julio Cortazar and Pablo Neruda.

Banco Insular has one of the best songs written in the last ten years of Venezuelan Rock: “Noche” – filled with some of the best lyrics on the album and some amazingly sounding set of chords. Presidente´s voice gives you that warm and cool feeling of lost histories being sang. His voice can really break or fix your heart in 3 minutes, this artist is what you need to hear if you are in on a dark side and want to get out as soon as possible. Just push play.

PD: If you want to hear Lucifer playing Jazz music, listen to the song “Satan”. This is the closest you will be to a Jazz Hell while you are alive.

To download head to the SoundCloud page of the artist and click on corresponding download icon located by each track. Enjoy.

Track Listing
1. Rimbaud
2. Noche
3. 3Esteros
4. Nada
5. Continental
6. Eclipse
7. Montessori
8. Julio
9. Zapara Melancólica/Los Desconocidos (Extra)
10. Los Dormidos/El Pez Traslúcido Instrumental (Extra)
11. Satán (Extra)
12. Halo Negro (Extra)

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