If you don’t know which way to go, you might want to try heading to the ‘north end’.

Excuse the pun, but rock music never sounded so good without vocals as North End‘s newest release, Cognoscere. As the Latin word for “to know” or “to learn”, the 20-minute EP definitely serves as a solid introduction for the act’s first-time listeners.

One should take note of the perfectly calculated progressions of this amazing collection, which adds up to the list of the band’s equally-impressive previous efforts.

Try blasting up the opening track “Miles Dyson“, and you’ll know what we mean. One blog even notes its “hairpin turns and staccato double bass fills”, which very well occur throughout the 5-track release.


The atmospheric “Gabardine“,  the drum-heavy “Test of Thyme“, and riff-laden title track “Cognoscere” are all reluctant to tone down the brio and the energy, thus, becoming a string of highly-charged cuts you won’t be able to stop.

By the time the anthemic “Warm Winter” ends, you’ll be begging for more. Or, more possibly, be looping the EP ’til bed time. (I did.)

Carpe diem, we say! [Because our Latin’s so limited.]

Track listing:

1. Miles Dyson
2. Gabardine
3. Test of Thyme
4. Cognoscere
5. Warm Winter

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