Off we go to another EP filled with more relaxing acoustic tunes.

Not much is said about Luke Gallant the musician — either Google won’t return our queries, or the search giant can’t pinpoint which one of the similarly-named dudes is the real one (or both). However, we’re sure of one thing: the one who’s crooning in this EP is a really talented guy.

Sail off to relaxation courtesy of “Bright Eyes“, a riveting guitar-driven opening track that speaks of a love which is oh so descriptive to the point of mumbling, but still eerily romantic. Things get “wavy” in the succeeding “Salt in the Breeze,” another tune of the same breed, though now speaks of longing and recollection.

We’re sure that Luke has found a topic to focus on, by now, as he brings us the poignant “Old Love“, which he ‘still’ considers as love, breathing new life to that adage that no love is ever lost; it only diminishes. “Great Expectations“, not to be confused with Dickens’ opus, is one hopeful track that ends the EP in anticipation of a future love.

Track listing:
1. Bright Eyes
2. Salt in the Breeze
3. Old Love
4. Great Expectations

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