DivFix++ by developer Erdem U. Altinyurt is a free AVI repair tool. As its developer points out, AVI files can be become corrupted, and this can spell trouble if you are trying to convert your AVI files and save them on a console or your smartphone. This program will fix the file for you and it’s free.

Once DivFix++ has been installed, it will fix all your damaged AVI files. This allows you not just to convert the file and copy it in other devices but also view them on your media player. Aside from fixing problems with your AVI file, the program has a preview video download, allowing you in many cases to watch videos of the parts that you have downloaded. This is really a nice feature and very handy.


What makes this program different from the rest is that it can fix broken AVI file streams by recreating the index component of the file. It’s actually one of the most useful features of the utility program particularly if you are trying to preview videos that don’t have any index component. This feature is especially useful if you are downloading video files online.

DivFix++ also has support for CLI tools. What this means is you can set a file in a temporary location and preview it then delete the temp file. For advanced users, there are several argument parameters that you can configure. The program is cross platform too so you can run it in Windows, Linux and Mac. In addition there is support for drag and drop as well as HD AVI files. Bottom line: if you are having problems with your AVI files, then you need this.

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