A short and sweet teaser EP, Reinventions contains only 4 tracks. Regardless, this is more than enough to make you want to find out more about the band.

Opus Orange is actually a personal project by long time music mixer PB. It took him some time to finally release this short compilation as he focused on his main work of helping bands mix their own sound. Judging from the gems in this EP, he really should find more time recording and releasing his own material.

Featuring beautiful indie folk pop, the EP is a real treat. It’s upbeat, catchy and highly enjoyable.

Starting with a song that is hard to resist, Reinventions opens with, Nothing But Time. It’s a catchy little ditty that showcases Opus Orange’s knack for creating guitar and synth driven beats coupled with enjoyable vocals. Crystal Clear follows; this time the cut is bit mellow yet still retains that twinkly pop vibe. For some reason it reminds me of 80s retro synth music, only much, much better.

Third cut, That Is To Say, is a beautiful pop song that would feel at home some time in the 70s. This is an awesome track for driving around town or if you simply need some cheering up. With handclaps and gorgeous, laid back vocals; you’ll bet this is one of the best cuts on the EP. The record finally ends with the two minute track, Almost There. Again, there’s a warmth and sunshiny ambiance to the song. Something you’d like to listen if you need some picker-upper or simply make your day better.

Opus Orange is one artist to watch out for. Let’s just hope they’ll create more compilations and share their music in the future. The members of the band apart from Paul include  composer/vocalist Lauren Hillman of Kotomi and multi-instrumentalist Jo Pusateri. You can grab this Free EP over at BandCamp.

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