Stoffi Music Player is not just another music app for Windows. While others are packed with features that many users don’t even use, Stoffi was expressly designed by Christoffer Brodd-Reijer to be easy to use. With this simple player you can easily create playlists, find your music and play videos from YouTube. The program also has support for more than 20 formats including ogg, mp3, AAC and many others.


The program’s interface is simple and very familiar: fully compatible with Windows 7, it will automatically scan your music library and find all the audio files there. The interface, which is like a cross between Windows Explorer and YouTube, has a complete but simple playback control. With play, seek, shuffle as well as a search function. There is also a file browser that can also show information about the tracks you are playing.

Stoffi’s list of features does not end there, as it also has support for taskbar thumbnail playback, and you can assign keyboard shortcuts for just about every function. While Stoffi looks into the music library by default, you can easily add other locations. And if you want, you can drag and drop files to the application. To create a playlist, just add files to the blank playlist on the left. If you created a playlist in another program in M3U or PLS format, you can import them here.

Stoffi is not just free, but the software is being developed consistently so you can expect new features to be added regularly. The application has an auto update feature so you don’t need to manually download the updates and fixes.

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