Romance is in the air in Thee Acquainted‘s latest EP Caffeine Kiss. With four delicately-picked tracks, long-distance couple Arielle Ackford and Jacob Brown let’s us inhale the rich, musky aroma of romance.

Having been together for about three years, Arielle and Jacob are both musicians who create music inspired by challenges of their “star crossed” love story and the pursuit of their dreams. In creating this EP, the two hope to also inspire people to believe in stars and love.

Stirring things up with a pop sensibility, Red Lights comes to the stage with a vibrant play-up of guitar strings, drums, and sharp female vocals.

A personal favorite, Secret Island discloses a gem of sonic sunshine with hand-clapping rhythms and saccharine strings. Arielle’s voice stands out as it swims flawlessly through the simple, charming arrangement.

Title track Caffeine Kiss follows in sonic goodness with a steady, hooking beat and fluttering keys. While Wake To You concludes the album in a slow, acoustic vibe. Jacob takes center stage as he sings such passionate lines in a gentle, cooing manner.

Caffeine Kiss is not just another love-induced album. The songs here boast polished tunes and great sonic craftsmanship worthy of repeats. So download, press play, and enter a pleasurable listening experience.

Track List:
1. Red Lights
2. Secret Island
3. Caffeine Kiss
4. Wake To You

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