Monster Rally is not just a sound, it’s a movement.

Return to Paradise aims to grow past the comforts of traditional hiphop, creating an organic musical whole from little bits and pieces of various genres.

The brainchild of Columbus, Ohio resident and Cleveland native Ted Feighan, Monster Rally mixes layers of old records revamping them into fresh tropical pop sounds. Feighan began this art by combining his own collection of hiphop, exotica, tropicalia, and soul records.

Welcoming our ears is Orchids. This track opens in a soul-vintage flair that slowly transcends into a fusion of traditional Brazilian harmonies and African rhythms. This combination surprisingly works beautifully as the eclectic musical arrangement elevates in structure and sound.

El Retorno follows with tribal instrumentation back-dropped by hip hop beats, which give the song that right amount of oomph to standout.

Fluttered with chimes and a fluid production, Palm Village succeeds in drawing us in with every well-executed melody. Press play and let this track transport you to images of tropical rainforest.


Lovely You experiments on layers over layers of vintage jazz records combined with a steady hook of percussion-heavy beats. While Paradise adds a lot of funk to the collection as old soul works hand-in-hand with chill-out rhythms.

Return to Paradise is enjoyable in varying degrees that it’s hard to choose one or two standout tracks. Every piece has been layered to perfection, creating timeless pieces that incorporates genres you’ve never expect to work well together. So do yourself a favor and download this one-of-a-kind collection.

Track List:
1. Orchids
2. El Retorno
3. Barefoot / Eyes
4. Palm Village
5. Dizzy
6. Lovely You
7. Kingsley
8. The Valley
9. Tropical Showers
10. Moon Magic
11. Baja Samba
12. Paradise
13. Roses
14. Dusty
15. Panther
16. Enchanted Wine
17. Adios

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