Pirates Love Daisies, from game developer GSkinner is a free tower defense game for Windows 8 where you have to run afoul of Davey Jones, who is sending in his forces to steal your resources. Overall a fast paced tower defense play with plenty of game modes and maps to keep you occupied.


Your objective of course, is to protect your daisies, and to do this you have to gather your crew and fight off the enemies. Pirates Love Daisies have 5 towers that each have a different ability feature. There are also two kinds of creeps in the game, those that are winged and land based, with the winged ones the harder to deal with.

Your goal is to organize your crew so they can fend off the demons, and this requires strategic placing so the creeps can’t get near your daisies and fly away with them. There is also a big boss here just like the ones you seen in old video games. Fortunately you have weapons at your disposal like cannons that you can use against him.

In Pirates Love Daisies you get bonus points for every creep that you kill and you can use that gold to hire additional crew members. No matter how many crew members you hire you need to be careful about their placement, because they can’t be moved to another tile.

Pirates Love Daisies is fun and addictive, and with each game lasting 10 minutes it isn’t too long or short, and the graphics are very good too, and it runs in Windows 8 seamlessly.

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