JEdit is a programmer’s text editor that provides you with plenty of features that a developer will find more than useful. The JEdit developer team has many features that you will find useful such as a built in macro language, plus it has all the features you would expect from powerful Mac and Windows text editors.


What makes JEdit so powerful is that it can run on any operating system with Java 1.6 such as Linux, Mac and Windows. There are keyboard shortcuts for most functions and there is no limit to the undo and redo in the program. In addition, JEdit has “registers”, a feature that allows you to copy and paste an unlimited number of items on its clipboards.

JEdit also saves the register content and it has a wide array of keyboard commands that will allow you to manipulate words, paragraphs and lines. However that is not the only feature in JEdit as it has markers that remember file positions, and you can open several editor windows. Each of those windows can be split into various areas, with each one viewing different files and monitor buffers.

You can also set up JEdit so that different locations in a single file can be viewed in a single area. Other features on JEdit are split and multiple windows, remembering the settings for each session and rectangular selection. JEdit also has multiple selection support that allows you to manipulate numerous texts at the same time. There is also a word wrap and plug-ins that you can download and install with ease.

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