Leonard Cohen

Kesang Marstrand: Hello Night

Kesang Marstrand, a Tibetan-Danish singer, is a native of Woodstock, New York. She is an unusually gifted singer and composer that writes eloquent and emotional sketches. Marstrand reinterpreted Tunisia’s national anthem and for weeks, the version was broadcasted several times a day both on local television and radio stations. Her inspirations include Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Elliot Smith.

Robin Grey: I Love Leonard Cohen

Simple folk pop with a penchant for name dropping. Robin Grey creates lovely folk music, no doubt about that. I Love Leonard Cohen, is a 4 track EP released after his first full length debut, Only the Missile. His latest album is Strangers with Shoes and contains 8 folk acoustic rock tracks. Grey has a gift for creating a calm and pleasant atmosphere with his music. Influences from Leonard Cohen, Ani DiFranco and Bob Dylan reign supreme in his work. So if you love music from those artists, chances are, you'd appreciate this EP.