Elliot smith

Kesang Marstrand: Hello Night

Kesang Marstrand, a Tibetan-Danish singer, is a native of Woodstock, New York. She is an unusually gifted singer and composer that writes eloquent and emotional sketches. Marstrand reinterpreted Tunisia’s national anthem and for weeks, the version was broadcasted several times a day both on local television and radio stations. Her inspirations include Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Elliot Smith.

Ghastly Menace: Pitcairn

Although indie bands are abundant these days, occasionally you'll find a group that deserves all the hype they're getting. Ghastly Menace is one of these groups. Composed of Andrew Schroeder and Christopher Geick (formerly of They Found Me, They Named Me;) the duo set their sights in creating a wonderfully melodic and entertainingly sweet indie pop band. Pitcairn is their first EP. It contains 5 songs that clock in at less than 3 minutes each but filled with some gorgeous and catchy beats that makes you want to leave it on loop for a long time.

Dear Ale: Dear Ale

Dear Ale...'s self titled album employs a sound that will rock your socks off. The musical duo was formed in early 2009 when singer/songwriter Arlo Cook teamed up with Melbourne drummer Adrian Van Bloom. Dear Ale's music employs a unique blend of acoustic and rock with influences from Colin Hay, Ben Gibbard, Elliot Smith and Paul Dempsey. Their tracks exudes raw energy, fun and a lot of good vibes.

Matthew Solberg: I Am a Fool

Influenced by singers like, Paul Simon, Nick Drake and Elliot Smith, it's no surprise that Matthew Solberg creates music like he does. He weaves together gorgeous acoustic guitar playing, a serene atmosphere and thoughtful lyrics in his debut album, I Am a Fool. Composed of 7 tracks, each of the song was written and recorded by the artist. Floating between acoustic folk to melodic pop, this debut EP will prove great company if you're feeling a little pensive. The Nashville, Tenessee native has released a couple of albums so far. Apart from this debut EP, his latest release is a self-titled compilation that's as lush and filled with beautiful songs just like this one.

Pawky Maven: Pruning Hooks

Swelling with gorgeous harmonies and lovely instrument work, Pawky Maven creates a beautiful indie folk music that's perfect for a quiet reverie. Pruning Hooks is composed of 12 dreamy, soulful indie goodness. Garnering influences from such greats as Elliot Smith, Sufjan Stevens, Fleetwood Mac and Simon and Garfunkel; this North Carolina native certainly reflects his musical taste. The album is a mix of acoustic pop mixed with an indie folk sound giving it that unique touch. Give the album a download. You're in for a nice treat.

It Leaves, It Leaves: It leaves, It leaves

It Leaves, It Leaves is a Belgian indie band that certainly knows how to create lovely folk pop that in places can sound like it was taken from the Elliot Smith rulebook. There's not much information about this band or this guy online, except that he's from Belgium. Released under PERKuNowA label, this self-titled album is the 5th release for the label so far since its inception. Compiling 10 melodramatic cuts; the album is a melancholic, slightly haunting indie affair. It is a moody record that reminds you of heartbreak, dark rainy morning skies and a love lost forever. If you are up for a record that brings you good feelings of sadness, then this should be right up your alley. The album is available as a free download under the PERKuNowA site or right here on Frostclick.

Davy Long: Babies (Side A)

Downtempo folk acoustic group, Davy Long, brings in sleepy lullabies in "Babies." This acoustic, folk pop album is filled with quiet, lofi tracks with a touch of psychedelia. For the band's first official album, it seems to be treading on the right path. Davy Long compiles music that's ambient, delicate and a bit eclectic. It serves as the perfect mood setter for a lazy, gloomy morning.