Driving a cool, blues rock sound; The Blue Stones deliver great bar room music that goes well with a bottle of ice cold beer. This Ontario-based duo have been making music for a while and they’ve shared their edgy blues rock and roll style of music with plenty of fans.

How’s That Sound? is the second record for the duo. It’s mixed and mastered by Brett Humber from the Sound Foundry. Combining a retro sound with some classic blues rock rhythms; each track resonates with a radio-friendly appeal that’s hard to deny. The album includes 7-tracks which were all written by band members, Tarek Jafar and Justin Tessier.

Dressed up in fine suit and tie, the duo launched their album last October 2012 at the The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto. It was greeted positively by the listeners and showcased the band’s the smooth, slick and classy rock style.

How’s That Sound? opens with the gritty guitar rock number, Rolling with the Punches. The song delivers that traditional blues rock sound while the duo provides complementary vocals and guitars. It’s a catchy track that sums up the band best.

Following closely is Criminals. Apart from the opening single, this is another cool track the embodies the duo’s sound perfectly. It comes with heavy vocal and guitar distortion creating a great mood to the single. This is one of those cuts that demand attention from the listener. It’s not just something you can skip out and ignore.

The rest of the record embodies a moody, dive bar feel but all in a good way. Other cuts worth noting include All I Ever and the slightly new wave-infused, Patience. The album is available for download over at BandCamp. Check it out and enjoy!

Track List

1. Rolling with the Punches
2. Criminals
3. All I Ever
4. Make Your Move
5. Eats You Up
6. Soul’s Full
7. Patience

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