There are a lot of barcode scanners available for the iOS, but Quick Scan from iHandy is different from the rest as it is capable of scanning just about every type of barcode used commercially. With this app you can now look up prices from different retailers with ease.

One of the most difficult things about shopping is the need to look up prices and product information, but now with Quick Scan you can go through product descriptions whether they are ISBN, EAN, UPC or something else, and you can do this whether it is at Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart and other major retailers.

When you use the app a LED light will be turned on, indicating that the device is working. After the scans are done the app will notify you via a beep or vibrate. Once the app is done scanning you can sort the findings by site or by the price. Another thing that sets Quick Scan apart from other barcode apps is you can type the barcode.


The other good thing about Quick Scan is also that you can make your purchase inside it, so you don’t have to open another one. In addition the products you sort can be saved for reference later on, and yes it supports retina so the display is very clear. The interface of the app is very clear, and you should not have problems learning how to use it. If you are among those who want to manage their budget while shopping, then Quick Scan can serve you well.

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