Free Wi-Fi Finder from JiWire provides you with an easy way to look for a Wi-Fi hotspot. It’s now available for smartphones and tablets. There are thousands of free locations on the app and in more than 140 countries, so you will always be within reach of an Internet connection.

Once you have installed the app you just need to walk around and wait for a wireless network to appear on your smartphone, laptop and tablet networks. The app also comes with a map that will display all the hotspots in your area. You just need to look at the map and look for a network and then head over.

What really makes Wi-Fi Finder stand out is you can download a copy of their database and use it even if you are not connected to the web. This is a great departure from other apps that require you to be on the Internet. Note that the database lists only free hotspots.


Free Wi-Finder is very easy to use, as all the hotspot locations are shown as dots. Green dots are displayed as wireless networks and the red dots indicate a password is needed to access the site. The app allows you to filter by location type, so if you only want Wi-Fi in cafes, you can limit your search to those.

If you click on a hotspot, a bubble will appear specifying the network’s location (restaurant, airport, bus station etc). Tap the bubble and you’ll get more info about the hotspot, including how to get there.

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