Fun Run Multiplayer from dirtyBit is, as the title suggests, a game where you race against your friends or random players online in the form of some cuddly critters. This is a sidescrolling game, but while there is a touch of the classic here, the gameplay is very modern and engaging.

Fun Run is about as straightforward as it gets, as your goal is to get to one end to another before your opponents do, and you can do it any way possible. But it’s not really all about racing though, as during the race you can pick up all sorts of items and use them as weapons against your opponents.

You can for example, place some obstacles in front of your opponent, hindering their progress. Or you can just grab the saw blade and the bear trap and cut your opponents to bits. In addition you can also pick a shield to protect you from hits. Fun Run in other words, requires more than just running as you also need to keep an eye out for the other runners out to get you. The nice thing about the game though, is that your character re-spawns. This means you can continue racing as often as you like.

Fun Run

What all this means is Fun Run is all about making it to the finish line as quick as you can and using any means possible. This is a game that is easy to get into, and the controls are very simple. The 2D visuals are very nice and you can even customize your critters for the race.

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