Not a Teepee Catalogue is already the eighth album released by Sarah J Stanley. With the number of her releases, it is no doubt that Stanley has something special in her sleeve. With Not a Teepee Catalogue, it is proven.

The title mud dance is very contrary with its music. It is a mellow, and very easygoing track. It has a unique blend of the music and its vocals. The guitar strumming is laid-back and comforting. mud dance has a very special tune, and great lyrics as well.

metal spaghetti is an acoustic gem. It is sung simply, but full of emotions. It is fun, in a quiet way and it will tickle your imagination upon hearing its lyrics. metal spaghetti is a very unusual track, but it will definitely leave a quirky impression.

john’s gonna write me a love song is an electro folk track. The background music can be likened to a small static, but this what makes this track very interesting. The spotlight here is vocals that combines well with the electro background. And yes, the title’s also very catchy.

a cold war is a sentimental song—so far, the most sentimental in the entire album. There are some muffled voices used as part of the background music, but that is actually a part of the impact. The vocals as usual, is superb and has the ability to encompass the emotion of the song.

Not a Teepee Catalogue is a wonderful album from Sarah J Stanley. It is a great addition to her comprehensive collection of commendable releases.

Track List:
1. mud dance
2. metal spaghetti
3. all my heroes are homegrown
4. shoulder to the wheel
5. bpm up to 134
6. john’s gonna write me a love song
7. periods and boners
8. shit xmas
9. all I want
10. lost
11. a cold war

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