TweetDeckAre you addicted to Twitter? Are you following so many people that you’re having a hard time checking all updates at once? Do you want to see all your status updates, replies, and direct messages in one page? Then TweetDeck is the program for you. TweetDeck allows you to see everything at once, so you don’t need to laod three separate pages just to check your replies and direct messages. It also automatically notifies you whenever new tweets are posted, so you don’t have to keep refreshing the Twitter home page.

Its features include:

  • Tweet directly from TweetDeck and share photos or web links
  • Manage conversations with @replies and direct messages
  • Create Groups to easily follow friends, colleagues or other interest groups
  • Keep a finger on the pulse with Twitscoop and local trends.
  • Follow topics in real-time with saved searches
  • Update Facebook and view your friends’ status updates
  • Preview short URLs from the comfort of TweetDeck
  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts easily
  • Keep your TweetDeck safe with sync and back-up
  • View photo thumbnails directly from TweetDeck
  • Record, share and watch video clips within TweetDeck
  • Avoid Twitter spam with TweetDeck’s spam button


The result is a powerful application that allows you more control over your Twitter experience. Creating groups, for example, allows you to check updates from your friends (or other interesting users) more easily. You can also adjust how often TweetDeck updates you on new status updates. Plus, it makes replying and retweeting an even easier task.

TweetDeck is also good for businesses and companies which run multiple accounts. Now you don’t need to keep logging in and out just to switch accounts. TweetDeck allows you to juggle these accounts under one program.

Based on my experience, using TweetDeck has made me a more efficient and more active Twitter user. I like that I have been able to communicate with my followers more easily. As a result, I’ve made a lot more friends, and I get access to even more cool content shared on Twitter.

TweetDeck will definitely enhance your social networking and microblogging experience. The program is compatible with Windows, mac, Linux, and even the iPhone, so you can continue using Twitter while you’re on the go.

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