Ayla Nereo has created yet another chef-d’oeuvre. Boasting with vocal synchronizations, extensive imposing tunes, and verses ripe with messages of revolution, Hollow Bone was freshly released in March 2014.

This 10-track album was written and produced by the enchantress Nereo herself after a heart-rending collaboration with The Polish Ambassador on the Wildlight project.

The opening track, Eastern Sun, sets the mood right for the lighthearted journey that this album promises. In this song, she gently pleads for the eastern sun to “melt the cold from her bones.” The regal melody and expressive verses of this track attests to the fact that this is an album full of priceless gems and golds.

With the subtle mid-tempo structure of Life Bound Friend, Nereo’s voice flows like a stream through each elusive soundscape.


There is no escaping this album’s sophistication. This is proven by the shortest, but one of the rich tracks, Oh Love, which plays for less than two minutes. This track reminds each and everyone that love is an untamed force that can break you, free you, and let you see things in a different way. Each melody will send you directly to the heart of a child full of tenderness.

Minimum beats and slightest instrumentation give way for Nereo’s sky-high vocals. Each track will put you in nostalgia and lets you dig deep into the present. If you do find yourself seized in the bewitching flow of this album, be sure to download it for free.

Track List:
1. Eastern Sun
2. Life Bound Friend
3. Bonteka
4. Let It In
5. Show Yourself
6. From the Ground Up
7. Through The Cracks
8. Rainfalling Throat (Sound Behind What’s Heard)
9. Oh Love
10. By Night

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