Casual: The Return of the Backpack

The Return of the Backpack is as exciting as the return of the king of the elite rap lyricism. Casual and the Seattle-based, indie rap beat maker Jake One made thirteen tracks that make up, a smooth, solid album. “Backpack” represents rappers who do not appear charming to a big audience. Casual though, wears his backpack proudly because he is rhythmically convincing and his character reverberates on every track he makes.

Monster Mouth DDS

This one if for all the kids who just hate visiting the dentist. So, kids it is your time to play the dentist and clean the mouth and teeth of big, ugly monsters with bad-odor. Monster Mouth DDS is a game that features loads of gun creatures with a cavity problem that need to be addressed. The game is primarily targeted at the kids and it has its own fun moments. Keeping the target-audience in mind, the developer has done quite a decent job in terms of gameplay, environments and the role they play.