The Code are rather fascinated with enigma. Their album cover is a stark white image of a cassette tape, their website and social media accounts do not reveal much about them, and their name as well, is a term associated with secrecy. Perhaps it is to focus all attention to their work rather than themselves, but there is a charm to this air of anonymity which also lingers in their music, intentionally or not.

The duo represents the atmospheric electronic department of R&B, the kind currently spearheaded by artists such as FKA Twigs and The Weeknd. The droning synthesizers, breathy vocals and everything else thrown in on 1|11 revolves around the central intention of creating a cool and airy sensuality. This isn’t an easy feat to achieve, especially when you’re dealing purely with electronic music but tracks like Her – the albums most graceful mood-setter – stand as proof of The Code’s knack for stepping up to the challenge.

The attention to detail and unconventionality of the duo’s production takes only a minute into the album to uncover itself. The Code allow their cloud of mellow strings and hazy synthesizers to occasionally be disrupted by an icy stab of bass or a sudden stutter of beats, taking the greatest care to prevent a track from sounding repetitive.

1|11 stands as a solid debut effort. It’s hard to know whether The Code will continue with this spaced out R&B vibe or further their experimentation on their next project and it hardly matters; what matters is right now. And right now, I want to listen to 1|11 again.

Favorite Track: Her


Track List
01. Motion
02. Gravity (ft.G-Eazy)
03. Her
04. Run
05. 9.46 / Between the lines (ft.Kasflow)
06. Hide
07. Natural
08. Pain
09. Touch (ft.Kaleem Taylor)
10. 22
11. Break

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