OneNote is a free virtual notebook from Microsoft that will help you keep track of your to-do list. With this application you can now keep track of all those notes from board meetings or jot down ideas for your next project. This program can also be used by students for their homework, among other tasks.

OneNote can also be used to store clippings from the Internet, and it’s the perfect app for sketching out concepts and ideas. Because it is very compact you can launch it quickly and take it with you to work, travel or when you get home. One of the nice things about this app is your files are saved automatically, perfect so you don’t have to remind yourself to do it.


In addition, OneNote also syncs your info in the cloud so regardless which device you access your most recent files will be there. Besides being easy to use, it also lets you share files on Twitter and Facebook, make to-do lists with checkboxes, plus you can use your finger or device pen to draw, something that a lot of users will likely prefer. While the focus of the app is note taking, it’s also capable of taking pictures using your device camera. Not only that, but it can search for the text in those images too.

There are many other useful features in OneNote such as the ability to scan documents and whiteboards and auto cropping them in the process. Finally, OneNote has a thumbnails feature for quickly scanning your notes, making this a very convenient and handy app to keep around.

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