Gamers get ready to spread crime on the streets with Crime City for iOS. The game functions similarly to the recently launched Mafia Wars 2 by Zynga, but together with the nice gameplay and the fact, that you need to grow your mafia by adding people, it really raises the bar.

Developed by Funzio, Crime City for iOS takes the exact same cue from the Facebook version and acts similarly when it comes to gameplay, visuals, characters, ammunition, and surroundings. The game looks quite good on the iPhone and customization options are plenty.

Users can customize their characters to a great extent by choosing anything from hair styles, clothing, shoes, hats, glasses, and facial hair. Some items need to be purchased with the help of Facebook credits. Game-play features are really enjoyable with very realistic sounds for shooting, robbery alarm, building construction and the punches sound extra sweet with the dash of bone crushing effect.

Players get to earn money via completing missions, heists, construction of warehouses and other joints that have a timely pay. The game is even more interesting when it comes to the various places thrown into the map – so that players have the choice of completing missions in the hood, docks, canal street, east side and many more as you climb up the level ladder. iPhone Crime City users get a special nine digit code for adding players who are not on their Fb friend list. A really noteworthy and nice feature.

Crime City is more a social game with users required to seek help of their friends for the successful completion of numerous missions. Boss fights are simply impossible without friends help, so users better add up the maximum amount of mafia members to their clan for smooth completion of all the jobs.

Furthermore, Crime City adds a host of additions with more than 150+ powerful weapons, 60+ areas to explore, 200+ goals and more than 500 different missions. Adding up to the excitement factor is the option to build and decorate your turf according to your taste. The game developers earn money through in-app purchases and Facebook credit usage, but the game can be completed even without additional purchases; thumbs-up to that. The new updated version 2.0 adds a host of features including iOS 5 support and Game Center integration.

Crime City is now an iOS universal app and players can transfer their achievements and progress by signing-in with their Funzio id on multiple iOS devices. This is one of the more good looking social games on the iOS and if you have a large number of mafia members, the game can become a true addiction. Note: This is an Online Only game and an active Internet connection is a must to play.

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